The ceramics of Domenico Pinto

The mother becomes the earth and the earth becomes the mother. Like "Gaia" descendant of divine origin, the goddesses’ mothers or rather the artist’s goddesses take us to a mythical dimension in which the objects, in everyday use, become emotions, feelings, passions, tender and tragic loves deep-rooted in the human dimension yearning for a spiritual infinitive.

Domenico Pinto

Sensitive and deep-rooted in Grottaglie's ceramics problems and traditional culture, Domenico Pinto makes a great effort to renew and lo re-examine decoration and shapes folk, drawing on his techniques, his values, his symbolism, summarizing and harmonizing the research and innovation with the local tradition.

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The plots of the Federician Empire

The culture, the history, the architecture of our land are permeated by that mysterious fascination that has always fed the figure of Frederick II of Swabia in Southern man. Domenico Pinto offers us forms and images that gratify not only our need for beauty but also the need to hear stories.

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The ceramics of Domenico Pinto

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The ceramics of Grottaglie

The history of Grottaglie ceramics dates back to the dawn of time thanks to an area rich in clay, the main source of wealth in the city. Created to satisfy domestic needs, production has been transformed over time, in a continuous stylistic refinement, to meet the demands of the most affluent classes, coming also from neighboring centers, in love with the ornamental ceramics of Grottaglie rich in friezes and colors.
Among the oldest and most prestigious artisan shops in Grottaglie, Domenico Pinto stands out for the originality and elegance of his ceramic works.

A ceramist who looks far

He is a master of terracotta, his is a rare art. Domenico Pinto creates precious and elegant artistic ceramics in his historical artisan workshop in the heart of the ancient Grottaglie Ceramics Quarter.

Domenico Pinto creates works that are unique in the world and of great expressiveness, thanks to his extraordinary technical ability accumulated over the years, accentuated by ideas and by a path he has built himself. His is a tireless work of reading and revisiting the ceramic tradition of Grottaglie that receives international acclaim and successes.

The style and elegance of designer ceramics

The artistic ceramics of Domenico Pinto are unique pieces of rare beauty. Made entirely by hand with the technique of engobed and glazed terracotta with luster and pure gold, the ceramics are exhibited in an exceptional showroom, in one of the old warehouses below the Castello Episcopio in Grottaglie dug into the tuff and transformed into a permanent exhibition hall. An atmosphere with a unique and suggestive atmosphere, ideal for displaying masterpieces of Grottaglie craftsmanship.
The teacher is always available to anyone who wants to visit the shop and learn about its history and that of its beautiful ceramics.