The works of Domenico Pinto

Tall and slender figures with an austere and elegant profile.
The ceramic works of Domenico Pinto amaze and fascinate for their extraordinary personality.

The plots of the Federician empire

The long and noble figures appear as an archaic idea as if they were divinities in the historical pride of a people. The tapered faces, solemn, the golden clothes and embellished with rich colors, elegant ladies and authoritative knights hide the narrative plots of the story of Frederick II and evoke the glories and the places of the Swabian court. The Plots of the Federician Empire wants to represent the culture, the history, the architecture of Puglia permeated by that mysterious fascination that has always fed the figure of Frederick II of Swabia in southern man.

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Ulysses's journey

The legs of Ulisses's journey are showed in a dialogue between the ceramist and sculptor Domenico Pinto and the great wayfarer. A tale with 18 statues of horses steeped in squabbles, irony, imagination and history. It is a dream journey based on skill competitions made up of discussion and wisdom, Ulysses's special quality.

The vicissitudes express the desire to escape, to know and challenge the unknown, something near or far, that pushes us towards our Itaca, our destination.

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The representation of the Nativity is a tribute by Domenico Pinto to the ceramic tradition of the Cribs of Grottaglie.

The statues, made entirely by hand with the technique of engobed and glazed terracotta with luster and pure gold, are unique collectibles and depict the classic characters of the nativity scene, Baby Jesus, Mary, Saint Joseph, the ox, the donkey, the Three kings.
Inside the cave / showroom in Grottaglie you can admire the beauty of these ceramic statues that make up the different monumental nativity scenes made by the master Domenico Pinto.

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