The biography

Domenico Pinto

Born in Grottaglie, teaches ceramics in the local Art’s School. He learned colours and traditional style from the master "Ciro La Grotta", developing them from a contemporary viewpoint. He teaches and works in the Grottaglie’s ancient neighbourhood potters of there he continues his tireless research, re-exarnining Grottaglie’s Ceramics tradition.

the inspiration

Symbols and folklore

Domenico Pinto takes symbols of the moon, the owl, the doves, the flowers, the sun from the "pugliese" folklores fabulous suggestion and from the local culture and iconography, representing them in the mother’s hands or on their bodies. Their holy and derelict faces are motion Pinto less but alive and they don’t require us to accept their elusive ways but they open different doors to the most secret of our sensitivities. Thanks to Domenico Pinto’s mothers we become poets because we write and read our delights and our distresses through others signs. In his works, our special everyday life gleams.

The artistic ceramics of Domenico Pinto

He won the first prize in the crèche national exhibition and he became a successful professional for arts exhibitions. He has produced many one-man shows such as The tale of Federico II, the piece tells the story and Maria, the mother and the woman, between the earth and the spirit. 
His artistic ceramics of absolute refinement are present in private Italian and foreign collections and his customers, now become friends, come back to visit him frequently to confront him and admire his new masterpieces in the suggestive setting of the showroom at the foot of Castello Episcopio's walls in Grottaglie.