Domenico Pinto's epic puppets

Raffaele Nigro (from "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno" - 13 August 2012)

It took years, but in the end he obtained from the Bishop's Curia of Taranto the permission to buy one of the old warehouses underneath the Palazzo Episcopio in Grottaglie, a spacious room dug into the tuff, and turned it into a laboratory and exhibition room of their ceramics. I'm talking about Domenico Pinto, a terracotta master who I meet in the Ionian town on the occasion of a theatrical show dedicated to the Swabians and played by Alfredo Traversa and Roberto Burano.

A subtle formal elegance

Daniela De Vincentis

The extraordinary personality of Frederick II of Swabia, king of Sicily, king of Jerusalem, emperor of the Romans, king of Italy and king of Germany finds ample space in the artistic representation of Domenico Pinto who has transformed the myth and the legend into precious plastic material of the multifaceted emperor. The world of the Swabian court, a meeting place between the Greek, Latin, Arab and Jewish cultures, is proposed in a modern way of interpreting through new forms, colors and details.

The pride of a people

Raffaele Bagnardi

These long and noble figures appear to us as authoritarian, as an archaic idea, as if they were divinities of the historical pride of a people. The tapered faces, fixed, solemn, the golden clothes seem to tell of their court and their superb honor, but are born rather from the fascinating legend of the common people and they still live in art.